Cotton Sleeve

Brand new pattern I learned! This stitch is called the basket weave. I think this a super cute way to keep your accessory neat and cared for while it’s rolling around in your purse like mine is. I made the case out of 100% cotton so the screen will stay nice and not get scratched! This case is easy to care for! Machine washable and dry able.
Sleeves starting at $7.00
Customizable on order page.
Sleeves can be made to match your custom handbag when making a special order.

I call this one 1/2 and 1/2 – front side pink back side blue.20131106-230959.jpg

this one is all blue with a wooden button 20131106-231013.jpg

this is the back of 1/2 and 1/220131106-231307.jpg

Fall Time is Craft Time.

As soon as the seasons change, there is a distinct difference in the air. Enough to unsettle me, in a good way. I automatically think of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Events that all cater different requests. Halloween requires creativity. Thanksgiving requires culinary skills. Christmas is about family.

All this means is craft time on over drive. If you are like me then you like to make gifts for others too? It saves me some money in my pocket and also gives them a gift of the heart that you hope they will cherish, instead of some non effort gift cards. Don’t get me wrong gift cards are great too, but there is little thought  when you purchase them at last minute at the check out stand. I love to be ahead of my game of preparation, so I’m not scrambling at last minute trying to throw together a present and shipping it out.  I don’t know how your family does it, but I have 6 older siblings, and over half are married and have kids. We have chosen to draw names out of a hat this year to see who gifts to who to keep our family relationships still intact as everyone is away and until our next family gathering. My in laws family is much easier. Everyone lives in the same spot for years and years and years and that is only a few hours away from us, so obviously they get to see my daughter (their grand daughter) often, and which the festivities we’ll be sharing with them.

I went off on a tangent. I just love fall. The smells, the sights, the foods, colors, and the weather too! Fall time is time for me to get crafting. You will see many posts from me in the next few months, about projects and gifts I will be making for family and friends. Here is one that I have started. 🙂


And after some time — putting these pictures its a little late – but here is the finished product.

My first draw string backpack (adapted with granny square pattern. Its lined on the inside too!)

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Check out my new Art Tab!

I wanted to share some paintings that I’ve done because I am going to make another one inspired by harvest time and changing of season trees.

Harvest time originates from different countries, but many historians believe the celtic people started harvest festivals where they brought gifts and celebrated harvest season by having feasts.

Now with modern culture it is a commercial holiday. I always grew up doing the typical halloween spirited traditions, but I always had a love for all things fall and harvest! I think this underlining culture runs through my veins, because my heritage is celtic, scottish. 

Let me know what you think of my art!

Your Input

As soon as my readers get to know me they will find out I love to create and crochet!
My question is: what crochet bag would you use?
Would you use a mesh market bag for groceries?
Would you use a drawstring backpack?
Or a messenger style bag for school?
Or a sleeve for your iPod, iPad, laptop or tablet?

I’m asking these questions hopefully to broaden my stock but to also fill the needs of what customers want.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks, jsletto

Surprise Peacock!

Oregon_zoo_peacock_maleToday I got a surprise! A box full of yarn for me! Who doesn’t love surprise boxes sent from loved ones!? (I love you mom!) Well in all fairness I’ve been talking to her about a business opportunity (bag) she wanted me to design for her. Yes, I know she’s supporting my cause. I am pleased to announce my “peacock” inspired purse I am now custom designing for my mom. She wants a rectangle shape tote that she can easily put her binder of notes and iPad into, along with other goodies. It’s an open top purse with width on the sides (vs my normally enveloped shaped purses) This one has 5 inches squares all around and Peacock Inspired colors. The square is a “mitered” granny square style, with royal blue, light blue, light brown, and bright green. Inspired by their pretty feathers.



13969884-peacock-feather-in-black-backgroundPhoto on 9-4-13 at 9.02 PM