Reasons Why I Crochet.

I have always been the creative type always creating things with my hands. If I sit too long doing nothing, then I get that itchy feeling feeling in my fingertips. 

When I was a youth I had received a knitters Loom and started to practice with it. During the time, I was in a program called Young Women’s in my church which follows a similar program comparable to Eagle Scout program for Young men. I had crocheted 10 hours of New Born Beanies for my service project, that were sent to Church Missionaries in Lithuania. 

The feeling was so rewarding being able to send those infant beanies over to a country that was in serious need of them. 

I crocheted off and on ever since then started again when I was pregnant and never stopped. 

I crochet because 

  1. It keeps things interesting!
  2. Other projects take too long or are too messy with a young toddler running around. 
  3. There are so many available free patterns and stitches to attempt. 
  4.  Paired with sewing knowledge I can make all sorts of things! 
  5. It is fun! 
  6. It is relaxing, even helps with your heart heath by being a stress reliever. 
  7. It helps your memory, learning new things. 
  8. Crocheting and other needle work is a dying art form that should be taught to younger generations! 
  9. Needle work can’t be taught in schools any more and there is a scarce learning locations — with the exception of craft stores and of course YouTube. 
  10. Having a hobby is a great outlet of creativity, passion, love and keep your daily life stress free! (any hobby could provide you happiness and raise your self esteem.) 
  11. It keeps us progressing. I get tired of doing the same things day after day and I can get bored easily. With having crochet in my life it makes my day that much better! I wake up thinking what else I can crochet, sew, paint or create, how else I can progress! 
  12. Sharing is caring! Doing something you love is great, in turn I know you will share it with others too. It helps one reconnect with yourself and others as well as self improvement! 

Maybe you have a grandmother who knitted you scarves or even sewn you a quilt? I had one of those too! We rarely see these handcrafted art works today because of all the technology and entertainment. If you do, its either at a family gathering or a craft fair. I hope we can teach the next generation these hand crafted skills so they can pass it on to theirs before it completely dies out by unpopularity. If giving yourself the proper patience any skill and hobby can become a true art! 🙂 

Have fun and create something today! 


Large Bordered Tricolor Tote Purse Now Available.

Large tricolor Hobo

Large tricolor Hobo

First of many (I hope) that I add to available tab! This beautiful large handbag is finished and ready for the perfect person to snatch her up. There is only one, so first come first serve!

There is matching floral cotton lining, and matching inspired keychain to go with this purse. This purse is my design creation and is being sold as is.

Pre-Made Handbags

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Crochet Neon Handbags!

I am super excited to share that Neon is being adding to my collection of pre-made handbags!

Storage space is approximately 8 inches deep and 8 inches wide,

being sold each for $30.00 + Shipping.

These crocheted in America handbags are sturdy and versatile, just for you. Lined with cotton fabric, which are perfect for everything you carry with you like: sunglasses, lip gloss, keys, wallet, and coins.

For more information on Neon Pre-mades:  Contact Me

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I Need a Project. You Need a Purse!

I would love to make a custom handbag for any one of you! The projects I’m working on are dying down and I’m beginning to feel that I need to busy myself. I call it ‘itchy fingers’.

You need this bag and can use it for anything! Yesterday I used one of my large ‘open top’  totes to take to the park. Who wouldn’t want a personalized handbag?


How do I get mine? I’m glad you asked! The process is so easy and I work with you every step of the way.

  1. Fill out the ‘order form’
  2. Having a few ideas in mind of what kind of colors you’d like to use you could have anywhere from 2 and up.
  3. The form will send me an email and we will chat about your style and what you’d like to happen with the bag (similar to a consultation)
  4. I take payments through PayPal or check.
  5. I will create your bag and ship it to you. and Ta Da!

You will love it! Click the link to be taken to the order page:

Adding More

I hope all of you are enjoying all the new things I’ve added to the website! One thing I want  those of you that have liked or following this blog to do is participate, please comment!  I am really curious to see what styles you all are interested in. What would you love to see be created? Or what color combinations would you like to see be created?

One thing I can unveil – is I am currently working on an iPad sleeve. If that is awesome to you, please comment and share this blog.

Just Finished the “Tiny Tote” handbag

This miniature version of the real patterned handbags, but modified for children and toddlers. This tiny tote is perfect if your going to a play group, to their grand parents house, or just for a ride in the car. The handbag measures at 7 inches deep and 9 inches wide. The handles are small enough for their tiny hands and sturdy enough to hold some toys, a snack, and a small stuffed toy. These tiny totes aren’t lined with fabric, the reason behind this decision in a word; messy. Children can be and often are messy. With no lining the purse is super easy to care for. Just machine wash and dry. In the event a handbag is for an older child I could line by request.


This particular purse I made for my 1 and half year old daughter. She was very interested in the whole process once I had asked her to pick out her colors for it. She could hardly wait to start using it. 🙂 For those of you that have boys, I am playing around with the idea of how to do a backpack, perhaps in the near future. Starting at 12.00 + Shipping.