Just Finished the “Tiny Tote” handbag

This miniature version of the real patterned handbags, but modified for children and toddlers. This tiny tote is perfect if your going to a play group, to their grand parents house, or just for a ride in the car. The handbag measures at 7 inches deep and 9 inches wide. The handles are small enough for their tiny hands and sturdy enough to hold some toys, a snack, and a small stuffed toy. These tiny totes aren’t lined with fabric, the reason behind this decision in a word; messy. Children can be and often are messy. With no lining the purse is super easy to care for. Just machine wash and dry. In the event a handbag is for an older child I could line by request.


This particular purse I made for my 1 and half year old daughter. She was very interested in the whole process once I had asked her to pick out her colors for it. She could hardly wait to start using it. 🙂 For those of you that have boys, I am playing around with the idea of how to do a backpack, perhaps in the near future. Starting at 12.00 + Shipping.


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