I Need a Project. You Need a Purse!

I would love to make a custom handbag for any one of you! The projects I’m working on are dying down and I’m beginning to feel that I need to busy myself. I call it ‘itchy fingers’.

You need this bag and can use it for anything! Yesterday I used one of my large ‘open top’  totes to take to the park. Who wouldn’t want a personalized handbag?


How do I get mine? I’m glad you asked! The process is so easy and I work with you every step of the way.

  1. Fill out the ‘order form’
  2. Having a few ideas in mind of what kind of colors you’d like to use you could have anywhere from 2 and up.
  3. The form will send me an email and we will chat about your style and what you’d like to happen with the bag (similar to a consultation)
  4. I take payments through PayPal or check.
  5. I will create your bag and ship it to you. and Ta Da!

You will love it! Click the link to be taken to the order page: https://jslettodesigns.wordpress.com/order/


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