Surprise Peacock!

Oregon_zoo_peacock_maleToday I got a surprise! A box full of yarn for me! Who doesn’t love surprise boxes sent from loved ones!? (I love you mom!) Well in all fairness I’ve been talking to her about a business opportunity (bag) she wanted me to design for her. Yes, I know she’s supporting my cause. I am pleased to announce my “peacock” inspired purse I am now custom designing for my mom. She wants a rectangle shape tote that she can easily put her binder of notes and iPad into, along with other goodies. It’s an open top purse with width on the sides (vs my normally enveloped shaped purses) This one has 5 inches squares all around and Peacock Inspired colors. The square is a “mitered” granny square style, with royal blue, light blue, light brown, and bright green. Inspired by their pretty feathers.



13969884-peacock-feather-in-black-backgroundPhoto on 9-4-13 at 9.02 PM


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