Tis the season to be warm. I am going to start making beanies this fall / winter for all sizes. If you need a custom size or color please use the contact me form.


Fall Time is Craft Time.

As soon as the seasons change, there is a distinct difference in the air. Enough to unsettle me, in a good way. I automatically think of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Events that all cater different requests. Halloween requires creativity. Thanksgiving requires culinary skills. Christmas is about family.

All this means is craft time on over drive. If you are like me then you like to make gifts for others too? It saves me some money in my pocket and also gives them a gift of the heart that you hope they will cherish, instead of some non effort gift cards. Don’t get me wrong gift cards are great too, but there is little thought  when you purchase them at last minute at the check out stand. I love to be ahead of my game of preparation, so I’m not scrambling at last minute trying to throw together a present and shipping it out.  I don’t know how your family does it, but I have 6 older siblings, and over half are married and have kids. We have chosen to draw names out of a hat this year to see who gifts to who to keep our family relationships still intact as everyone is away and until our next family gathering. My in laws family is much easier. Everyone lives in the same spot for years and years and years and that is only a few hours away from us, so obviously they get to see my daughter (their grand daughter) often, and which the festivities we’ll be sharing with them.

I went off on a tangent. I just love fall. The smells, the sights, the foods, colors, and the weather too! Fall time is time for me to get crafting. You will see many posts from me in the next few months, about projects and gifts I will be making for family and friends. Here is one that I have started. 🙂


And after some time — putting these pictures its a little late – but here is the finished product.

My first draw string backpack (adapted with granny square pattern. Its lined on the inside too!)

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