Custom Handbags

Welcome to JSletto Designs where you can customize your very own crochet handbag.

These handcrafted in America handbags are personalized, functional, and an awesome addition for all your different needs.

Add one to your collection today!

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  • All handbags are made of 100% Acrylic or Cotton fiber yarns.
  • All are lined with cotton lining or a satin lining so you don’t loose any of your smaller belongings.
  • Metal rings attach the hand woven shoulder straps to the handbag.
  • A complimentary button is added to the handbags that have the closing flap .

The Shoulder Strap: is hand woven from the same yarn used to create your handbag for an entirely matching strap. The shoulder strap is soft on your shoulder and the fibers hold their form under weight so it doesn’t stretch out.

Picking colors: for your handbag is easy. You have your primary color (the color you want the most of) your secondary color and so on. You can have as many colors as you’d like, but I forewarn you that lots of colors are going to produce a busy and eye catching handbag!

Available Patterns:

The Original Purse

The Large Purse: Is your unconventional carry bag for uses such as a diaper bag, a park bag for kids toys, or beach bag, etc. Dimensions: Top opening is  approximately 10 inches. The purse is 16 inches deep and 16 inches wide. (That’s a lot of space!) Starting at $60.00 + Shipping

The Medium Purse: (which is my personal favorite) Dimensions:  9 inch opening. 14 Inches deep and 14 inches wide. This purse is perfect for tablets! All my purses are lined with cotton printed fabrics to match your colors, so no need to worry about loosing your smaller valuables like Chapstick, keys or coins! Starting at $45.00 + Shipping

The Small Purse: is perfect for going to town or for a special occasion. Just big enough for your necessities and so light weight! Dimensions: Top Opening is approximately 8 inches wide. 12 inch deep and 12 inches wide. Starting at $30.00 + Shipping

The Hobo Purse

The Large Hobo Purse: Is ideal for carrying laptops or tablets, or school books.  It has a wider opening and Pentagon like shape compared to the basic purse square shape. Dimensions 13 inch opening. and 16 inches deep and 16 wide. The Hobo supports two shoulder straps. Starting at $60.00 + Shipping.

The Medium Hobo Purse: Is a versatile size and has that fun pentagon shape. It is still lined with cotton or satin fabric. Perfect for your needs. Starting at $45.00 + Shipping.

The Small Hobo Purse:  Is a cute addition to any handbag collection.

The Keychain: is optional for an additional cost. Charm of your choice (based on availability) added to the keychain by special request. Personalized Matching Keychain $7.00

Tiny Totes:

Tiny Totes: These handbags are miniature versions of the adult size handbags. They are approximately 8-9 Inches deep and can have lining in them if requested. Now mom and daughter can match! Soon to come is backpack, so daddy and son can match too!  Starting at 12.00 + Shipping.

Festive Bags:

Toddler Pumpkin Treat Bag: Do you have a little one who wants to participate with your family festivities this year? This festive pumpkin treat bag is the perfect addition for your tiny tots little hands to go trick or treating with. Its soft. light weight,  and holds just the right amount of candy.  Machine washable, you can reuse this bag all through your child’s young years. Starting at $6.00 + Shipping.


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