Spooky Tree Canvas

Inspired by fall and halloween spooky trees. 🙂 This is what I painted.



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I wanted to share some paintings that I’ve done because I am going to make another one inspired by harvest time and changing of season trees.

Harvest time originates from different countries, but many historians believe the celtic people started harvest festivals where they brought gifts and celebrated harvest season by having feasts.

Now with modern culture it is a commercial holiday. I always grew up doing the typical halloween spirited traditions, but I always had a love for all things fall and harvest! I think this underlining culture runs through my veins, because my heritage is celtic, scottish. 

Let me know what you think of my art! 


Toddler Pumpkin Treat Bag

I just finished the newest member of the handbag collection! The toddler pumpkin treat bag. Do you have young kids who want to trick or treat or participate in the fun, but you don’t want them to accumulate a lot of candy? Then look no further! This handmade crochet pumpkin treat bag is a small bag with a huge benefit! It’s soft, lightweight, and machine washable. Great if you want to reuse for your child next year. These cute bags measure approximately 8 inches deep and have 2 sturdy handles, perfect for two tiny hands!

Want a great party favor? Then get yours in time for parties and Halloween festivities!
Starting at $6.00 + Shipping